The Daxx’s Mission

The crew knew what their mission was. Six months after launching from the Exodar sector, they were to head for a distant system in another galaxy. The ship would accelerate to sub-warp speed and the crew would be placed in stasis until the ship exited sub space and positioned itself close enough to its target.

The planet in question could not have been more different to their own. It had an atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen and the surface of the planet was a mixture of rock and a liquid that looked blue according to deep space scanners. The original home planet of the Daxx was liquid gas, but a small portion of the planet’s population blasted off to set up a colony in another system due to evaporation of the atmosphere, which led to a slow and agonizing death of the planet. The Daxx destroyed their own planet by putting too much oxygen into the atmosphere through industrial development. They vowed that their new home would not suffer the same fate.

The newly settled race committed to sustaining their planet, but then one day, radio receivers picked up a signal from deep space. It seemed to be coming from a form of telescope that was in orbit around a planet. The source was from a small solar system in a distant galaxy. The Daxx had an aversion to any form of awareness of their whereabouts and so, a commando team was assembled to find the source of what had identified their planet, and destroy it. Under no circumstances were the crew to contact the inhabitants of the planet that lay beneath. Recon had shown that the planet’s inhabitants were primitive and only just beginning to understand the vastness of the universe that surrounded them. The ship was now only 3 Daxx Days away from it’s target. It was time to wake up the crew and the computer engaged the system to pump sulfur gas into the vessel to make a breathable atmosphere.

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