The Bounty Hunter

The bounty hunter looked into his laser binoculars and scoured the terrain. He was still waiting for the signal from the corporation which commissioned the contract. The rules were simple, head to the Zakora system, and set up a forward observation post on the mining planet of Giggax.

Once there, he was to head to the rebel camp and wait for a signal which would identify his targets. They were supposed to board a mining freighter and head for the nearby Latran system. He was told that the rebels in question were dangerous murderers who were going to pose as refugees. The bounty hunter was told that he had to eliminate his targets on the surface of the planet with a long range weapon, and a ‘calling card’. The idea was to show the murderous rebels that the corporation was always watching, and knew exactly when and where to strike.

He adjusted his breathing mask. He had already had a brush with the oxygen atmosphere, and knew that he would not survive more burns to his lungs. He brushed the memories of searing pain away, and concentrated on his helmet’s HUD. Finally, the ping came in. He swiftly synchronized his weapon to the signal he had received, and the red dots showed up on the display.

He could tell that the targets were still underground, but making their way to the surface. He trained his binocs on the exit of the facility, and soon enough the targets showed themselves. He aimed his scope on them and froze. From the visuals he got, he could tell that they were women and children.

His memories flashed like a grenade in his head, the men that shot his mother and his sisters, as they fled for the refugee ship on Karholm. He had lost everything and became a killer for hire, but he always vowed that he would never harm women or children. He swiftly packed up his gear and got back into his ship. It was time to pay the corporation pay master a visit.

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